February 2024
AI in health

Thanks to a multicentre study, researchers in the Intelligent Systems of Perception team led by Prof. N. Loménie at LIPADE (UPCité) have demonstrated that Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are able to classify cancerous tumours and predict the effect of treatment.

November 2023
High-dimensional Similarity Search

Just published our IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin Special Issue on High-Dimensional Similarity Search: from Time Series Management Systems to Vector Databases. This Special Issue brings together papers from different (sub-)communities working on this challenging problem to highlight the different facets of the problem, discuss commonalities and differences among the various solutions, describe approaches that combine ideas, and point to open research directions.

October 2023
AI-Driven Visuomotor Exam

In EU, 15 million children struggle in school due to worsening binocular eye movement problems from excessive screen use. ORASIS-EAR and Prof Zoi Kapoula have patented REMOBI & AIDEAL, technologies that offer a 3D eye-movement exam with AI software. Adopted by medical centers, and used for screening in French kindergartens and ophthalmology research in France and India, it advances visuomotor evidence-based health solutions.

June 2023
LIPADE Open Day 2023

The 8th LIPADE Open Day, Computer Science Research Event will take place on June 15, 2023.
The program is available. Registrations are open and will be open until Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

April 2023
MOSAIC day prize

Recently at the MOSAIC day of April 6, 2023 organized by the RHU Operandi (Optimisation and imProved Efficacy of targeted RAdioNuclide therapy in Digestive cancers by Imagomics), two PhD students from the SIP/LIPADE Computational Pathology team, Qinghe Zeng and Zhuxian Guo (in collaboration with Qitong Wang) presented their work together with a research engineer Amine Marzouki: the three participants received a prize for the best poster or oral presentation. Congratulations to them.
Link to Zhuxian Talk
replay MOSAIC day

November 2022
PhD Thesis Awards

Our former PhD student, Paul Boniol, wins the Paul Caseau PhD Prize, the BDA Best PhD Thesis Award (the 2nd time for our group, after Michele Linardi in 2019), the INFORSID PhD Prize, and the Lambda-Mu Research and Industry Prize, for his work on scalable data series anomaly detection.

October 2022
PLATON Project Results

PLATON (Platform-aware LArge-scale Time-Series prOcessiNg), a research project funded by the European Commission in the context of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships (MSCA-IF), has completed successfully, with several innovative results in the areas of parallel and distributed data series management and analytics.