Bachelors Program

The Bachelors Program provides a solid background in computer science (programming, computer architecture, algorithms) and the necessary foundational courses in mathematics.

IMG_4054-e1436533324895Bachelor of Computer Science

The Bachelor’s Degree track aims at educating students on fundamental topics in computer science: algorithms, programming, software engineering, operating systems, networks, databases, artificial intelligence. Students with a Bachelor’s Degree can then follow the Masters Program.

Bachelor of Business Informatics (MIAGE Track)

The track Méthodes Informatiques Appliquées à la Gestion des Entreprises (MIAGE) focuses on programming and the use of basic computer science tools, as well as on business organization. The students of this program can then follow one of our several Masters MIAGE offerings.



Masters Program

The aim of the Masters Program is to provide students with more focused and specialized knowledge, as well as practical experiences.

Master of Computer Science

In this program, our objective is to introduce to students the world of research, a necessary element in contemporary innovative businesses. The first year of the Masters Program, M1, is common for the research, professional, or combined directions. paris5-student2_resize During this year, the students have the opportunity to discover the research directions of LIPADE, and choose the ones they are most interested in. The specialization starts form the second semester of M1, with a range of elective courses. The students also get involved in hands-on projects, where they put in practice their knowledge. During the second year of the Masters Program, M2, the students choose among four tracks:

  • Vision and Machine Intelligence (VMI)
  • Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI)
  • Networks and Autonomous Systems (NAS)
  • Data, Knowledge and Intelligence (DKI)

More information on the Masters Program.

Master of Business Informatics (MIAGE Track)

The Master MIAGE is geared towards professionals and belongs to the MIAGE network of France. It is a program with high-quality courses, with competences in both computer science and business management.

paris5-student1_resizeThe professors teaching in this program are experts from the computer science department (LIPADE), the Interdisciplinary Department for Applied Research in Health Economics (LIRAES), as well as from other universities and organizations. Two types of course studies are available:

  • Formation en Apprentissage (FA)
  • Formation Initiale et Continue (FIC)

The center of Formation en Apprentissage (CFA) and the Association pour la Formation d’Informaticiens par Apprentissage (AFIA) support the MIAGE FA program, both in the searching phase for industrial internship positions, and during these internships. The percentage of students that find an internship is 100%.

The Service Commun de Formation Continue (SCFC) of the Université Paris Cité is responsible for the organization, the coordination, and the management of the professionalization and the knowledge by experience validation (Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience – VAE) for the MIAGE FIC program.

​More information on the MIAGE track.

Master of Biomedical Engineering

The BME-Paris Masters Degree Program offers two years of academic and professional training in bioengineering, a burgeoning field at the crossroads of the biomedical and engineering sciences. This program results from a partnership established between Université Paris Cité and the Paris Institute of Technology (ParisTech).
Firmly based on an interdisciplinary approach, the BME-Paris Masters relies on international collaboration and features strong student initiative. These principles are strengthened by the complementary competencies of the program’s two outstanding academic partners: Université Paris Cité in the biomedical and health sciences and ParisTech in the engineering sciences.
This jointly sponsored program offers a high-quality curriculum to students arriving from a broad range of academic backgrounds: biology and biochemistry, medicine, chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics and computer science, etc. The aim of the BME Paris Masters is to provide students with the tools and capacities that will enable them to function in a broad range of biomedical engineering applications that today rank among the most scientifically innovative and rapidly developing areas of academic research, industrial R&D, and the clinical environment.
Assets available
• High-profile teaching staff : research specialists of international stature
• Interdisciplinary research projects and seminars
• Unique student environment at Université Paris Cité and ParisTech
• Individual, tailor-made support for students

More information on the BME Master.



Doctoral Program

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a Doctoral Program leading to a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree. The Doctoral Program is a continuation of the Masters Program, and is strongly tied to the Computer Science Department, with a duration of 3-4 years. It is coordinated by EDITE (the doctoral school in charge of Ph.D. students in Computer Science, Telecommunication and Electronics of several universities in Paris).docteurspetite

The Ph.D. program is focused on research, guided by an advisor and supervisory committee, and there are no course requirements. The goal of every student in the Ph.D. program is the production of a doctoral dissertation. Some of the milestones along the way are:

  • Writing a 10 page report, and giving a 15 minute presentation in front of the supervisory committee, on the research work completed during the first 12 months.
  • Completing 100 hours of professional and general education coursework within the first 3 years.
  • Writing and defending the dissertation at the end of the Ph.D. program.

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