Data Intensive and Knowledge Oriented Systems (diNo)

Data Intensive and Knowledge Oriented Systems (diNo)

heads: Salima BENBERNOU, Themis PALPANAS
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We are now witnessing an explosion in the amount of data being produced. It has become much easier than in the past to produce and gather these data, but increasingly more difficult to process and analyze them, because of their sheer size and complexity. This problem is relevant to more and more organizations and businesses around the world, and at the core of our research.

The Data Intensive and Knowledge Oriented Systems (diNo) group focuses on topics relevant to data and knowledge management, as well as massive data analytics, i.e., the process of analyzing large amounts of data, and discovering new, non-obvious knowledge among these data. The activities of our group involve work on how to efficiently and effectively manage data originating from various sources (sensors, services, users, social media, etc.), and integrate the proposed techniques to a host of new applications, including industrial manufacturing monitoring, scientific applications (e.g., neuroscience, astronomy, and others), services, cloud computing, social networks, and the Semantic Web.

We are actively participating in European and French projects, and have several industrial collaborations. The areas of our expertise include:

  • Large Scale Data Management
  • Data Series and Streaming Data
  • Data Quality and Data Privacy
  • Data Analytics
  • Semantic-Web Engineering

We are always looking for motivated students, who are enthusiastic about the world of data analytics and knowledge management, to work with us!